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Dear Sam, We just wanted to say a big thank you for what you have done for Pup (16 year old miniature poodle). She is a completely different dog. She is now a relaxed member of the pack and leaves the babies alone. My Mum couldn't believe the change in her when she last visited. We all enjoyed our session and learnt a lot.

Your knowledge of dog psychology is amazing. You explained it in a way that was easy to understand and apply. We also appreciated your non-judgmental approach (i.e. not growling us for starting her on her bad habits to begin with). I will recommend you to anybody I meet with a new dog or a problem dog. Your session with us was a great investment. You are worth your weight in gold and I cannot sing your praises highly enough. Many thanks,

Belinda, Gareth, Madeleine, Maddox and Pup - Bentleigh East, Vic.

Twin Number One with Pup the Poodle
Twin Picture two with Pup the Poodle

Update one year later (Pup is almost 18!):

Twins in Crib with Pup at 18 years old dog

Hi Sam, Chicko and family thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. It has made a big difference in the Chicko household. Immediately we noticed a change in Chicko's attitude when we started implementing the ideas you gave us. He is now a pleasure to have around the house, and a much more relaxed dog when we take him out. Not only do you have excellent dog behavioural training skills, but your ability to communicate with people is also outstanding. It made the session flow seamlessly, and it was a lot easier to pick up what we needed to do.

It comes across that it is not just a business for you, but a passion, and one that you are good at. It is a rare business person that would discourage a potential client from utilising their services, instead offering to tell us what we need to do over the phone, for free. The money we paid for you to come around was well spent, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with a dog with behavioural issues. Keep up the good work, dogs need you.

- Yasemin and Alex

So happy with Sam that I have recommended him to other friends that have dogs with behavioral issues. Sam asked me many questions on the phone when I first called him about my dog's behaviour and was the only person who said that my dog could be encouraged to lead a happy healthy life. I was not able to leave my dog for any longer than 15 minutes without him having extreme anxiety, drooling and destroying things in his frenzy. I was at my wits end. Sam came over and spent about 3 hours going through a whole lot of things with me and observing my dogs behaviour. Sam made lots of great suggestions that I have never even heard of and explained things from an animals perspective. Only 2 months later I can leave my dog all day while I am at work and I come home to a happy stress free dog. I could not have done it without Sam's help.

- Tammy - Hughesdale, Vic.

When I initially called you we spoke about our concerns and you assured me that we could overcome these issues together. You spent 3 hours with us in our home, talking to us and giving us the strategies we needed to cope with our concerns. We also appreciated you taking us for a walk with Lola. We saw an immediate improvement in her behaviour. She was so much more relaxed and taking her for a walk is now a pleasant experience. We use the many strategies you gave us, and they have now become a part of our daily routine with Lola.

When I had any issues or concerns I was able to email you and again I was very appreciative of the fact that you got back to me that same day. I would highly recommend the one on one training and behavioural modification you provide to anyone experiencing issues with their dog. Thank you so much for all your assistance.

- Doris and Lola

Absolutely phenomenal trainer. Only yesterday morning our boy had some behavioural issues we thought we may not be able to improve. Within 36 hours we are already thrilled with the response we are getting from our pup after using the skills we were taught by Sam. For the first time since we got him, he is inside, lazing on the lounge, with a big fat smile on his face- just like a house pet should be! Prior to this he was only allowed inside for short periods, and he would not calm no matter what we did. We now are on our way to having him inside and outside whenever he wants, where he can enjoy the warmth and comfort of the couch, or enjoy the sun outside.

We are so so impressed and highly recommend Sam. Thank you Sam!!

- Kirah

Absolutely brilliant! Sam turned up and observed my dog for a few minutes and instantly knew what core behavioral issues that we should correct and assured me that once this is dealt with, all other training (ie sit, recall, heel) will be a doddle to deal with. Not only that he was correct but spot on. After 4 days, my Goldie is a joy to bring for walks, recognises who is the leader, so much more calm and will even allow my 3 year old hold the leash while he's on walks. Excellent. All dog trainers should learn from Sam. Highly recommended.

- Ida - Knoxfield, Vic.

Hello Sam, Just want to say Sam, how happy we are with our NEW RJ thanks to your simple common sense training 🙂 She is so much improved & a pleasure to be around & to take out for a walk. I have sung your praises to many people & would recommend you to anyone that thinks they have a problem dog (when in actual fact us humans are the ones with the problem eh'). Many, many thanks Sam.

Anita & Nev - The Basin, Vic.

Hey Sam, Just wanted to let you know and thank you so much for your wise and simple advise on rearing Spencer. He is an absolute delight and as you said he would be, a pleasure to have around, well behaved, happy and most of all relaxed. We are well aware that without your advice, he would not be the happy and treasured member of our family that he has turned out to be. We continue to stick to all of your guidelines and recommendations and we can see how important it is to do so; he responds so well to it all. With much appreciation. Regards,

- Angela - Hampton, Vic.

Just wanted to say a big thank you again for Saturday. We can't believe the difference in Monty already... he is so much calmer! We had my husband's birthday party on Saturday night and the normally scared dog who would hide upstairs spent the whole night chilled out either sitting on the floor or sleeping on my lap. We couldn’t believe it! Your methods have certainly given us hope that we will have a very confident and not so anxious doggy in no time. Thanks again,

Georgia & Chris - Heatherton - Vic.

Wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for helping us train Jemma. It was such a good idea to see you first, especially as this is our first puppy. She sleeps all night without waking us up in the morning. She is sitting next to the couch instead of jumping up. She seems to be adapting very well. We have been taking her for walks, and she has been meeting our friends' dogs and puppies. It was quite funny watching her with our friends' two male toy poodles who are 18 months old. They visited us on Monday, and she is definitely not scared! She is a pleasure and a joy, and has brought a lot of laughter and happiness to our household, so again THANK YOU for your guidance. Steve adores her, which is a huge milestone for someone who didn’t want to buy a dog!! Regards,

- Jenny - Berwick, Vic.

Sam, Just wanted to let you know that I took Lilly for a very successful walk today. I had been dreading tonight's confrontation over the food bowl and prepped my husband at length. NOTHING HAPPENED, not even a raised lip. She just sat there completely subdued. No more aggression. I am totally stunned and so delighted. Many, many thanks. Best regards,

- Louise - Hampton, Vic.

Thanks for coming to see us and Charlie our Jack Russell last Friday. I thought I’d drop you a quick line to let you know that session with you has worked wonders! Rod and I are training the cat and dog each day to play better together and we are seeing real progress in Charlie. He is easier to manage, goes to his mat and is genuinely keen to learn and impress Gedde (the cat). Gedde is less impressed with Charlie but is tolerating him! Any-hoo thanks again, we really appreciate it.

- Cheers, Prue and Rod - Vic.

Hi Dear Sam, I just wanted to say thank you very much for showing us how to enjoy a better relationship with our dogs Woody and Austin. The immediate and enormous improvement in their behaviour after your visit has made it a pleasure to keep working with them and walking them, which in turn seems to make things better and better. I only wish I could have remembered everything you said, because the information you gave and your philosophies seemed like gold.

- Simone - Doncaster Vic.

Yesterday I took Snowy to the vet. I wish you could see us. He was such a well behaved boy! 2 Dogs came in later on and no sign of aggression, I could not believe it. For the first time I didn't have to apologise for my dog's bad behaviour 🙂 We have been applying the rules you have taught us and boy do they work! Walking both Bonnie and Snowy is fun for us too now. I used to dread when I saw another dog approaching now we love it as it gives us another chance to observe and if necessary correct their behaviour. Thank you so much for your positive contribution to our lives!

- Selma, Bulend, Snowy & Bonnie - Seaford, Vic.

We have (or rather did have) a troublesome groodle called Barney. I contacted Sam at Take a Paws, had a good conversation over the phone about Barney's problems (or rather our problems) and then Sam came over on a Saturday two weeks later. After speaking with Sam I felt completely confident that Barney would learn to behave and confident in Sam's training techniques. In only a few minutes with Sam on the Saturday we could see immediate improvements in Barney. Sam's technique is so logical, common sense and practical.

- Rebecca D. - Ringwood, Vic.

SAM I just wanted to thank you for helping me understand my dogs better. In this short time I have a more settled dog already, Zorba even waits until I go in the backyard before him and he wont come out until he's told to. I'm amazed at the difference already. Even Bella spent the entire night on the dog bed and did not come into my room once. And no accidents in the house for the entire night. I couldn't be happier. I now feel confident that things can only get better. Than you so much for you help, I will keep you informed and I wont hesitate to contact you if any problems arise. Thanks again,

- Jodie B. - Knoxfield, Vic.


I just thought I'd drop you a note to say thanks once again and to let you know that Zorba is now a well behaved well balanced dog all thanks to your training methods and info you supplied. I really appreciate it. I'm confident I will be able to apply the same for Bella and I have even decided to get another dog (Great Dane cross bull mastiff). I couldn't be happier and will be recommending you to all those I know who are having difficulties settling their dogs. Thanks again, Jodie

I wanted to let you know how successful your session with Eddie the German Shepherd has been. Walking is now a pleasure with a dog under control and the methods you showed me regarding interacting with other dogs are certainly working. Thanks a million. Regards,

- Mike P. - Kings Park, Vic.

We have 2 dogs and are expecting our first baby in December. We called Sam because we were worried about how our dogs would deal with the new arrival. Since spending some time with Sam we have 2 very responsive dogs. they listen to us much more, they don't pull when walking and they are extremely happy. I am confident that they will adjust well to the upcoming changes in the family and I know should I have any problems that we are unable to fix Sam will definitely be able to. Extremely happy customer and would recommend Sam to anyone with problems big or small.

- Craig - Moorabbin, Vic.

Just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU for helping us with our Border Collie X Kelpie Millie. She is a different dog, she now walks nicely on her lead, she loves going in the car and not barking all the time, no jumping up at our birds. Most importantly she stays in our back yard. She even waits to be feed and lets us play with her food. Thank you so much.

- From Sam, Donna, Nick, Thomas, Lucas, Tonka and Millie

Dog whisperer Look out, we have our very own right here in Australia, Imported straight from the USA! Sam the dog trainer is an amazing guy, what he was able to do with my two Jack Russells.......UN bee Lievable! Words are not enough to describe what he has done for our family, let alone our neighbors! Thank u Sam !

- Misty - Bentleigh East - Vic.

Thank you for coming out to visit us and our new 9 week old Cavoodle - Billy. It was fantastic you were available to come on a Sunday at short notice and spent a good 3 hours talking with us and taking us and him through the basics. The information and tools you gave us have helped us understand and train him more effectively. At just under 12 weeks old now he is toilet trained, walking well on a lead and sitting before we cross the road on our walks. Thanks

- Katrina & David - Elsternwick, Vic.

I would just like to let you know that Max is doing great and responding really well. Your insight into his mind...which is what it is.....was fantastic. It was great to figure out what is going on in that beautiful head of his. I have just started walking Tori and him together and they are doing great. Thank you once again, you offer a friendly and very personalised service and I am so happy to have met you. If I feel like I need any more help I will not hesitate to call you.

- Kind regards, Sue, Rob, Riley, Hollie, Max and Tori - Frankston, Vic.

Thanks again for coming out on Saturday to work with myself and Gus. He is progressing so well! He is walking beautifully on the lead and not getting all excited when we see other dogs and cats. He is more focused with his obedience training and his recall is really improving beyond what I'd believe in such a small space of time. I love that I can handle him and be the boss in such an effective and loving way.

- Thanks again, Kelly - Newport, Vic.

Many thanks for your help with Nikki. She is such a pleasure. Our main aim was to be able to have Nikki socialize with our friend's & family's dogs that come to visit. After putting your training methods to work we have been able to have our daughter's boxer Ruby come & stay which has been fantastic. We are able to have Nikki off lead while walking her up the beach & will come when called. Nikki has been improving every day & accepting that she now is here to stay. Thank you once again.

- Regards, Judy & Bob

Sam, Again, many thanks for your time with Sago, she took some enormous steps.

- Cheers, Jodie - Boxer Rescue Victoria

Sago The Boxer dog training reviews

Greetings Sam, I wanted to provide a critique on Take A Paws service. It is clear to me now that we would not have been able to have managed Yuki (our Staffordshire Bull Terrier) without your assistance. The content you provided was a true education into dog behaviour. The education you provided should be mandatory for anyone who cares to be a responsible pet owner. The aggression Yuki demonstrated early on is gone. Yuki does not have household accidents, pull on the lead or any other disagreeable behaviour. I look forward to seeing you start an obedience school. Kind regards,

- Stone G. - Melbourne, Vic.

Thank you Sam for the truly amazing one of consultation with my dog Echo, the cheeky mischievous whippet. I could not believe how quickly you took control of Echo, within a few minutes he was sitting and walking to heel by command, truly putty in your hands! Your knowledge, techniques, experience and general insight into the mind & psyche of the dog have made it so much easier for me to discipline and understand him. I only wish you lived in Sydney so I could have ongoing consultations, because as you say, 'it is not so much the dog that needs the training, its their owners', which I now know is so true!

- Amber K.

Sam just wanted to say a quick thank you for what you have done with our puppies. Even though Billy is deaf, he heard everything you taught him and his brother Charlie has been just as good.We don't even need to say anything and they sit when we come outside! Thanks again for your help...

- Ry and Cass

Corinne Cribbin
Corinne Cribbin
Thanks Sam for your wonderful approach and assistance. It was a really productive session and has already made a big difference. I would recommend you to anyone who wants relaxed and happy canines!
Kate Collinson
Kate Collinson
Sam is a wonderful trainer and worth every cent! We've seen a marked difference in our pup since his visit and are finding the instructions really are helping day by day. He's calmer and more attentive to us. We're so grateful.
Crenagh Wright
Crenagh Wright
Sam was amazingly patient and kind with my three dogs who were trying to work out how to live together. His advice is simple and straightforward. In my experience, the advice is always spot on. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Wonderful with follow up as well.
Amanda Healy
Amanda Healy
Sam really knows what he is doing. We have three dogs, our latest is a golden retriever. It's been a bit more challenging sticking to the lessons. But nonetheless, Sam did some pretty amazing things with our Finnish Lapphunds and we can't recommend him more.
Chrystal Smith
Chrystal Smith
Meeting Sam was an absolute game changer for me and for Mango, my Border Collie puppy. Not only did I see immediate results during our session, but Sam really put me on the right path to better understand Mango and his needs, which means that moving forward I have been able to train Mango effectively and build a relationship of trust with him. Sam also helped me get on top of a couple of issues, such as Mango's fear of loud noises, quickly and in a way that I wouldn't have managed on my own. I can't thank Sam enough for all his help!
Maya Bornstein
Maya Bornstein
Thank you so much! Couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable or helpful guide. Would give ten stars if I could!
Jim Bond
Jim Bond
My Frenchie Edward was displaying really bad separation anxiety. Sam assessed the causes on the phone and quoted a reasonable cost for a home visit. He patiently explained what needed to be done and what to do from now on. We got immediate improvement and within a short time after we now have a happy independent pup. I am now recommending Sam to everyone I know with a dog.
Henry Gibson
Henry Gibson
Had issues with my new puppy jumping and biting plus more toileting issues than I could handle. Sam came to our home at a convenient time and was very thorough with explanations and training. Results were quick and improvement excellent. Toileting needed additional guidance which was offered in a patient friendly manner and now we have a perfect little Buddy in our home. Highly recommended. FOLLOW UP: Just had to add this: I was worried about Buddy (now over 3 years old) getting along with my grandchild. Sam was very helpful on the phone at no cost. What amazing service!
David Terner
David Terner
The dog - whisperer has nothing on Sam. Excellent.
freda simchoni
freda simchoni
Best experience training Luna. I recommend Sam to everyone with a dog. Thank you!!!
Linda Tran
Linda Tran
02:22 06 Mar 23
Highly recommend Sam. we had a newborn and our family pet dog, Lucy was so excited to see him, that she would... constantly cry with a high pitch. Sam managed to correct this and we saw an immense improvement within days. we are so happy to see both baby and fur baby get along so more
Fred Sim
Fred Sim
00:45 28 Jan 23
Great service my dog is very happy and so am I
I wish I can give 5 stars
Thanks Sam
Lauri Simchoni
Lauri Simchoni
23:34 27 Jan 23
Thank you for the great service! I see such a difference in my dog’s behavior and responsiveness to me! I highly... recommend working with more
Lionel Cha
Lionel Cha
00:25 17 Sep 22
Had an issue with my dog Rusty's walking and jumping on people and dogs. This caused another dog to attack him. After... Sam trained Rusty, in a surprisingly short time he sat calmly in front of both people and dogs. It is now a pleasure to more
Eryn de la Porte
Eryn de la Porte
07:51 03 Mar 18
Sam was extremely professional and patient with Rubi and after 1 session we have already seen a huge improvement with... her. He was very knowledgeable and engaging! Highly recommend �read more
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