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Starting puppies on the right path

From the moment most puppies are brought into our home they are treated by us in ways which confuse them as to their position in our pack. When our puppy cries or barks we pet him or pick him up and even go as far as giving him a treat which only reinforces this unwanted behavior. We must give affection only when our dog is in the correct state of mind and earns it.  

The first moments after a puppy is brought home for the first time can influence its behaviour for the rest of its life. The puppy should not be carried on your arms if possible and walked in front of your home for a few minutes to get accustomed to its environment. You should not put the puppy in the entrance and allow it to investigate wherever it likes. Initially, confine it to a small space and increase the “allowed” area daily till your puppy has the run of whatever area you decide to share with it. This prevents the puppy from believing that it now “owns” the home and is less apt to become territorial which will reduce barking and other negative behaviours in the future. 

Once your dog is negatively conditioned, with proper dog training he/she can be rehabilitated to correct his/her mindset in order to have a happy balanced life in YOUR pack.