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What can TAKE A PAWS do for you?


We can get effective results with a single two to four hour consultation and training session which is sufficient to solve most issues and keeps your costs down. Additional sessions can be booked if necessary for more severe issues, however, we will not encourage more than absolutely necessary. A session includes hands on correction of any problems your dog is experiencing, plus teaching you all you need to know about the causes of your dog's behaviour and giving you the tools to deal with any issues you may encounter.


We use understanding of natural DOG behaviour and rehabilitation techniques to balance your dog naturally. We do not use harsh punishment but do use occasional treats and always affection as positive reinforcement. The reward your dog gets for behaving well is desired discipline and affection, both of which he/she naturally craves.


To put it bluntly, most dog training is actually owner training. We can solve most issues, but you, as the pack leader must be willing to persist in what you are shown. Otherwise, the problems may return in time. Rehabilitation and correction also involves a commitment from you to spend time and energy with your beloved pet.


We will address any issues you may have with one or more dogs in your home

  • Barking

  • Digging

  • Chewing

  • Jumping

  • Pulling / Walking

  • Lunging

  • Fixations

  • Obsessions

  • Escaping

  • Feeding problems

  • Separation Issues

  • Puppy Training

  • Preparing for baby's arrival 

  • Preparing you and your home for new puppy


Why your dog is behaving (or misbehaving) as he does?

So your relationship with your dog is not what you hoped for.

You expected “happily ever after” and you got “I’m calling my lawyer.”

Little Fido pulls you around by the leash and expects you to help

him chase cars. He only comes when he feels like it and when he

finally does, you wag your tail. Who’s in control here?





The cutest and fluffiest little dog is still a wolf at heart!

Underneath, your dog is not human. Really!




A dog’s natural needs are met only with the “pack” mentality.

Pack mentality is what wolf packs practice naturally in the wild to maintain stability and for survival.

There can only be one pack leader while the rest of the pack know their place in a very clear hierarchy. When a naturally submissive dog does not have a leader to follow, he will try to fill that void by becoming the leader and dominating his pack – this means you and your family.

When your dog’s position is not clear, this can lead to unwanted behavior such as: jumping, barking or digging to biting and worse. Your dog craves leadership and is happy and stable when he/she is controlled in various facets of his/her life. When your dog wags his/her tail, we interpret this as happiness. This does not mean your dog is emotionally stable. We tend to attribute human emotions to our dogs which can lead to bad habits. By you being calm and dominant, your dog will feel calm, which in turn will keep him happy and balanced.





From the moment most puppies are brought into our home they are treated by us in ways which confuse them as to their position in our pack. When our puppy cries or barks we pet him or pick him up and even go as far as giving him a treat which only reinforces this unwanted behavior. We must give affection only when our dog is in the correct state of mind and earns it.

Once your dog is negatively conditioned, with proper dog training he/she can be rehabilitated to correct his/her mindset in order to have a happy balanced life in YOUR pack .


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"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went" -Will Rogers