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Good Or Bad Dog Food?

A good dog food for your dog is one with a high quality ingredient base providing a high level of optimum nutrition for your pet. Dog food ingredients are selected based on their quality, and are human grade, meaning that they are also used for human consumption. Usually a greater price tag goes along with the purchase of premium dog food as the cost to find, evaluate and test a high quality ingredient can be more expensive, and because of this, some dog food manufacturers substitute quality for quantity and opt for the cheap alternative.

Why do they do this?

They do this because they know that the uneducated public will opt to buy the cheaper alternative when given the choice. Also, it is more convenient to purchase your dog’s food as you're buying your own groceries, so purchasing your dog’s food at the grocery store just makes sense right? Wrong!
For those of you that are unaware, a pet food manufacturer that manufactures dog food that is sold in grocery stores the world over being a reputable company, one would think that they would actually care about the dogs that eat the food that they produce, however for the trained eye this is far from the truth.

Example: Introducing-Lamb Meal, Rice & Barley Formula

This dog food to the trained eye is as appealing as a day old glass of milk left out in the sun. The ingredients are of a low quality, making it a terrible choice of food for your dog. First of all, the protein source is cheap and of a very low quality. Usually on a dog food label, the ingredients are listed from greatest to least. In this case, we have corn as the first listed ingredient, with chicken by-product, poultry by-product, animal fat, and finally lamb meal. A good quality dog food will have the protein source listed first as this is the highest nutritional component to any dog food; however, we see here that “lamb meal” which is the only high quality ingredient on the above list is fifth on the list. The fact that there are multiple animal by-products on the list at all tells us that they are using the cheapest protein source they can find. The fact that these by-products are listed within the top five ingredients is even worse, as these ingredient positions carry a lot of weight in the overall make up of the food. To say that this food is fit for your dog to eat is not something that I will do. The fact that they make millions of dollars in profit yearly by creating and selling cheap products tells me as it should tell anybody, that this company is just in the game for the gain, and I will never stoop to their level and purchase their food for my dog!